We hold weekly sales of Prime Cattle, Cull Cows, Bulls and Store Cattle every Wednesday at Truro Livestock Market.  We also hold dedicated seasonal sales of Suckled Calves, Suckler Cows and Calves.

TB Pre-Movement Testing Rules


Truro Livestock Market operates a separate exempt section which accepts tested as well as untested prime cattle and slaughter cows. 

Calves which are up to and including 42 days old on the day of sale are also exempt from the regulations as are store cattle from 3 and 4 year test holdings.

Store cattle and calves which are over 42 days old and are from 1 and 2 year test holdings must have been pre-movement TB tested within 60 days of the sale date.

Producers are required to use entry forms available from the Auctioneers and to declare in writing the date of testing (ie the injection date).

Cattle will not be accepted unless they are presented to the market accompanied by an Entry Form showing the pre-movement or herd TB test date.

TB Movement Regulations

Cattle Moving From TB Free Herds

Cattle moving from herds which are currently free of TB have 60 days in which to move following a clear annual herd or pre-movement TB test.

Cattle Moving From TB Restricted Herds

Cattle moving to an “Orange” Market are only permitted to be purchased by a slaughterhouse, the occupier of an AFU or licensed back to the herd of origin. Following a clear pre-movement TB test, cattle can be moved to such an “Orange” Market for up to 90 days.

Cattle moved to any premises, other than to slaughter or to an AFU from TB Restricted herds, must do so within 30 days of a clear TB test.

Farm Assurance

It will be assumed that cattle or sheep and not Farm Assured if entry forms do not include stickers or if stickers are not affixed alongside the signature boxes on cattle passports.

Vendors also need to be aware that different Farm Assurance Schemes apply to different classes of livestock. Penalties can apply if cattle are incorrectly described with regard to their Assurance status.

Farm Assurance continues to be crucial. There are a number of schemes available to producers to gain Assurance and if information or assistance is required please contact Bob Mosley.

Farm Assurance has become even more important with yet another of our main buyers only being able to purchase Farm Assured cull cows or bulls. If you are not Farm Assured and wish to apply to become assured we can provide contact details.  

Entry Forms

Vendors are reminded that all cattle moved to market must be accompanied by a movement/entry form, completed by the vendor. These forms are being checked every week to ensure that the regulations are being adhered to.


Producers selling cattle for slaughter are required to sign a FCI Declaration. Meat from animals slaughtered without a FCI Form will not be approved for human consumption until the FCI for the animal is received by the slaughterhouse.

It is essential therefore that the FCI Declaration is received by the Auctioneers before the animals are presented for sale. For cattle vendors the appropriate declaration will be incorporated in our normal Cattle Movement/Entry Form. These are available from the Auctioneers.


Trading Standards have announced that with immediate effect cattle without both primary and secondary ear tags are no longer permitted to be sold through the market.

Trading Standards will prevent Auctioneers from selling cattle without the correct ear tags and will insist that they are returned immediately to the holding of origin.

Cows with only one eartag, are regularly condemned if the Food Standards Agency at the slaughterhouse decide they are worn and letters or numbers are not legible.