You are currently viewing LOT 3 – 5.33 ACRES FOR MOWING / GRAZING

Lot 3
Situated at Lanuah Farm, St Ewe, being 5.33 acres or thereabouts for mowing /grazing. The field is immediately south west of the cross roads. No fencing present. Water present. Attention is drawn to the South West Water infrastructure (manhole) located in field enclosure and marked by timber stake.

The attached Field plans show the location of the Lots with their respective routes of access indicated with black arrows.

Countryside Stewardship & SFI:
The Licence is for Mowing / Grazing only.
For the sake of complete clarity, the Licensee will not be entitled to make any applications for or enter into any Countryside Stewardship or SFI Agreements, or any other schemes, in respect of any of the Land contained within these particulars.

Application and Tender Form:
The highest or any other tender will not necessarily be accepted, entirely at the Licensor’s discretion.
Tenders for Lot 3 (for mowing / grazing) must be submitted to the Agents
by 12 noon on Wednesday 1st May 2024 using the attached tender form only.

Lot 3
The Lot will be subject to a Mowing / Grazing Licence with payment due at commencement. In addition, there will be a contribution to Agent’s Fees of 5%, subject to a minimum of £75 + VAT for the preparation of the Licence, due at commencement.
The Licence will commence upon the Agent’s receipt of the Licence fee and run through to 18th October 2024.