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The Lot consists of four fields that are located at Ardevora Veor, Ruan High Lanes, Truro, Cornwall, TR2 5LY as shown on the attached Field and Location Plans.


The attached Schedule shows the acreage of the Lot, which comprises of four field parcels, extending in all to approximately 37.14 acres (15.033 ha).

Lot 1 comprising approximately 37.14 acres (15.033 ha) is available for mowing only, which must be taken in a single cut, and which may be taken only from 15th July 2023.

Basic Payment Scheme & Countryside Stewardship:

The Licence for Mowing Only is on the basis that the Licensor will submit their own claim under the Basic Payment Scheme.

For the sake of complete clarity, the Licensee will not be entitled to any payment under the Basic Payment Scheme and will indemnify the owner for any breaches that may result in deductions to payments under the Scheme due to his actions.

The land is also subject to a Higher Level Stewardship Scheme, which requires that:

Lot 1 may not be cut until 15th July 2023 and that no fertiliser or manure may be applied (zero inputs).


The attached Field and Location plans show the location of the land, which is accessed from the private entrance lane leading in to Ardevora Veor.

Application and Tender Form:

The highest or any other tender will not necessarily be accepted, entirely at the Licensor’s discretion.
Tenders must be submitted to the Agents by 12:00 Noon on 30th June 2023 using the attached tender form only.


The Lot will be subject to a Licence for Mowing Only with payment due, in full, in advance of cutting. In addition, there will be a charge for Agent’s Commission equal to the greater of 5% of the purchase price, or £100. The Commission charge will be subject to VAT in addition, whereas the purchase price will not.

The Licence for Lot 1 will commence 15th July 2023 and run through to 14th August 2023.

The Licensee will insure his own crop and carry adequate third party liability insurance.


Please contact the Agents to arrange. Please take a copy of these Particulars with you, and respect the usual Countryside Code.