Fibre optics cables, telephone poles and cables and electricity poles/pylons and cables pass over or through a large number of farms in the County with the utilities acquiring wayleaves or easements.  If you have not received the payments that you believe you are entitled to,  we can assist and advise in making claims for back payments as well as your current and future entitlements.

We also act for clients in respect of easements/wayleaves in connection with gas, oil, sewerage & water pipelines.

In all of these cases we can also deal with compensation claims relating to loss of crops, reinstatement works and disturbance payments following entry onto clients land by any of the utilities. 

Contact Andrew Body or Tim Ryland 01872 272722


Various Telecom companies are still seeking sites for masts in Cornwall. 

We deal with all the major companies and can give advice on rentals, site sharing and compensation for disturbance.  

Contact Tim Ryland 01872 272722.  


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