Planning Applications & Appeals

Planning Authorities throughout the country are currently working on their Structure Plan Reviews and District Wide Local Plans which will cover the period up to the year 2011.

As those plans are adopted they will increasingly dictate what development can take place and where. If you think there may be some development potential on part of your land now is the time to bring it to the attention of the Local Planning Authority.

We can promote land through the Local Plan process and make appropriate representation at an appropriate time and appear at the Public Local Inquiries, which most local plans will involve. Specifically we can prepare and submit applications for Planning Permission and where permission is refused - we can conduct an Appeal for you, provided we consider there to be a reasonable chance of success. If we think it is a lost cause we will tell you so.

Planning Feasibility Studies

Under current Planning legislation, to ascertain whether Planning Permission is necessary and to obtain Planning approval for any development, is a complex matter. We offer a service of undertaking an initial study to ascertain whether Planning Approval would be necessary for any development required and give an assessment of the likelihood of success and cost involved in any Planning Application.


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