Compulsory Purchase & Compensation Claims

Roads and Highways

We act for owners and tenants of agricultural, domestic and commercial land affected by new road and road widening or improvement schemes. We negotiate the "accommodation works" which means that we agree arrangements for new accesses, re-siting of buildings, walls, hedge and fence boundaries, mains services supplies and connection. We then negotiate compensation for land taken, injurious affection and severance to retained properties and land, loss of crops during construction etc.

BT, Electricity and Fibre-optic Cables and Installations

We act for land and property owners affected by schemes relating to the installation of underground or overhead electricity and fibre optic cables, sub-stations, poles and pylons. We negotiate and agree routes, wayleaves and temporary or permanent easements and we calculate and negotiate compensation payments for damages caused to land, property and crops etc. We also calculate and agree "back payment" and "one off" payments for poles and cables.

Telecommunications Masts

We have wide experience in acting for property owners and landowners who are approached by mobile phone companies including Vodafone, O², Orange, H3G and T-Mobile.

Various Telecom companies are still seeking sites for masts in Cornwall.

We agree the location of sites, rental payments and future site sharing terms etc.

Water, Gas, Sewer and Oil Pipelines

We act for property owners and landowners affected by schemes relating to the laying, renewal or refurbishment of all types of pipeline. We negotiate and agree routes, fencing and services arrangements, calculation of easement or recognition payments and negotiate and agree compensation payments for loss of crop, disturbance to business activities, reinstatement and remedial works and inconvenience.

Wind Farms

We act for landowners in negotiations with wind farm developers and operators to agree all matters including payments to the landowners, access arrangements etc.

Note: In the majority of cases our fees for acting on behalf of affected land and property owners are paid by the acquiring authority or company.

For further information please contact Andrew Body, Bob Mosley or Tim Ryland.


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