Lodge & Thomas have a Private Treaty Department for sales privately, direct from the producer to you. Throughout the year we have various items for sale, ranging from pedigree breeding bulls, dairy stock and stock from TB-restricted farms, fodder including standing grass, baled silage, hay, straw, farming and dairy equipment.   

We also deal in the sale and purchase of Basic Payment Entitlements.  

Please find below out latest Private Treaty Sales which we have now made clearer and more accessible on our website with this new Private Treaty page which contains an up-to-date register of everything we have available.  

If you are interested in any of the items we have for sale or would be interested in discussing your marketing options with us either by telephone or on-farm through our fieldsman, Patrick Dennis, who is happy to pay you a visit, please contact us.  

Private Treaty Department Contacts:                                                              

Office                              01872 272722  

Patrick Dennis   (PD) 07889 600160

Andrew Body    (AEB)   07785 278790

Bob Mosley       (RJM)   07771 817307

Tim Ryland        (TSR)   07713 587001

Ross Collins     (ROC) 07966 589188

7 In-Calf Suckler Cows - Cornwall (PD)

Small genuine dispersal of 7 suckler cows, all in-calf to the Pedigree Hereford Bull "Belowda Owen" & due mid-January onwards. A smart bunch of cows highly recommended comprising:

  • 4 Limousin cows (2x 8½yo, 2x 7½yo)
  • 2 Hereford cows (5½yo, 3yo)
  • 1 Aberdeen Angus cow (8½yo)


SOLD 6 Holstein In-Calf Heifers - Cornwall (PD)



25 Aberdeen Angus Young Stores - Cornwall (PD)

A bunch of up to 25 Aberdeen Angus x steers & heifers 4-7mo, all named-sired and TB tested.

Can be split to suit purchasers.


Pedigree Aberdeen Angus Bull - Cornwall (PD)

"Bosullow Engelly R245" 3½yo Pedigree Aberdeen Angus Bull.

  • Sire: Bosullow Black Ryual N355
  • Dam: Bosullow Erica C080
  • DoB: 25/05/15


Pedigree Hereford Bull - Cornwall (PD)

"Laniley Tom (DH)" 19mo Pedigree Hereford bull, BVD & Johne's Accredited.

  • Sire: Alanna Bruce (DH)
  • Dam: Alanna Plesent (DH)
  • DoB: 20/03/17 


Pedigree South Devon Bull - Cornwall (PD)

"Trevoulter Ryel 3"

  • Sire: Welland Valley Crusader 5 (8x Male Breed Champions)
  • Dam: Smithhill Rose
  • DoB: 27/05/16

Ryel offers generations of top-class genetics which are hard to come by in one package. He has been running with cows which are successfully in-calf. Bloodlines on his sire line include: Kestle Jethro, Trewint Jubilee, Winsor Safern's Trump. Dam line includes Edmeston Hero 12 going back to Sexton Satorn 80. He is a lovely traditional bull with a good temperament. His sire Welland Valley Crusader 5 won 8 Male Championships and was top price bull in sale at 8,400gns when bought. Full siblings to Ryel have reported back that they are extremely impressed with their calves and they all have superb temperaments and good feet. Passed all health checks, delivery possible. 




60 Young British Blue x - Cornwall (PD)

A bunch of up to 60 British Blue x steers & heifers 4-6mo. Well-reared, all out of big Friesian cows. De-horned, castrated and BVD tested.


12 Weaned Stirks - Cornwall (PD)

A bunch of weaned stirks 6-7mo comprising:-

  • 3 Aberdeen Angus x steers (sired)
  • 1 Albion steer
  • 2 Black Hereford x heifers (sired)
  • 4 Red Hereford x heifers (sired)
  • 2 British Blue x heifers



5 Pedigree Hereford Heifers - Cornwall (PD)

A consignment of Pedigree Hereford heifers from the Belowda herd, all 15-16mo.

  • 4 sired by Belowda Fandango
  • 1 sired by Belowda Jeeves Marquess 2nd


Purebred Charolais Bull - Cornwall (PD)

  • Date of Birth - 24th April 2015
  • Dam - Penhargard Flute
  • Sire - Trenestral Hero

Viewing of this years' calves welcome.



7 Hereford x Heifer Outfits - Cornwall (PD)

7 Hereford x heifers with their Limousin x calves at foot. Comprising:

6 Black Hereford x & 1 Red Hereford x heifer

With their Limousin x calves (4 steers & 3 heifers) all castrated & de-horned, 6 born May & 1 July.



23 British Blue x Young Store Cattle - Cornwall (PD)

A smart bunch of 23 British Blue x steers all out of Friesian cows 10 months old, well reared.


7 Angus x Friesian Bulling Heifers - Cornwall (PD)

7 quality Aberdeen Angus x Friesian bulling heifers 18 to 23mo, named Pedigree sire.


Limousin Bulls (PD)

Excellent quality Limousin bulls for sale. Up to 28mo, strong, ready to work. Johne's & BVD accredited. BTB10 Certificate (TB-free for 10+ years).


Saler Bull - Cornwall (PD)

Pure bred Saler bull 17 months old.


Stock Bulls

  • Pedigree North Devon stock bull 4yo (AEB)
  • Hereford 4yo heifer bull (AEB)


TB-RESTRICTED 46 Suckler-Bred Steers - Cornwall (PD)

46 quality Charolais x, South Devon x & Limousin x steers. Suckler-bred, all out of Charolais x or South Devon x cows by Pedigree Limousin bulls.


TB-RESTRICTED 23 Charolais x Heifers - Cornwall (PD)

A grand bunch of 23 suckler-bred Charolais x heifers out of Hereford x Friesian or South Devon cows, well-grown and forward for their age at 16-17mo.


TB-RESTRICTED 130 Calves - Cornwall (PD)

A grand bunch of British Blue x & Aberdeen Angus x calves, named sires, all very well reared and out of big Friesian cows. TB testing due now so available for Isolation Unit.

  • Approx. 30 weaned
  • Another 30 very close to weaning
  • Another 70 on milk


TB-RESTRICTED 21 Calves - Cornwall (PD)

Up to 21 Calves currently available, all out of Friesian cows comprising:-

  • Weaned: 7 Friesian steers, 3 British Blue x steers, 5 British Blue x heifers
  • On Milk: 2 British Blue x bulls, 3 British Blue x heifers, 1 Friesian bull


TB-RESTRICTED 25 Weaned Calves - Cornwall (PD)

25 weaned calves all out of Friesian cows comprising:

  • 5 British Blue x steers (2x 8mo, 2x 6mo, 1x 4mo)
  • 5 British Blue x heifers (3x 6mo, 2x 5mo)
  • 6 Limousin x steers (3x 5mo, 3x 4mo)
  • 3 Limousin x heifers (1x 12mo, 1x 11mo, 1x 6mo)
  • 1 Aberdeen Angus x steer (8mo)
  • 3 Aberdeen Angus x heifers (1x 8mo, 1x 6mo, 1x 4mo)
  • 1 Hereford x heifer (6mo) & 1 Beef Shorthorn x heifer (9mo)


TB-RESTRICTED 47 Young Stores - Cornwall (PD)

47 chiefly Aberdeen Angus x & some Charolais x young stores - born June/July 2017 (16/17mo) out of Limousin x, Hereford x & some Charolais x cows.


  • 25 Aberdeen Angus x steers (19x 17mo, 6x 16mo)
  • 17 Aberdeen Angus x heifers (15x 17mo, 2x 16mo)
  • 4 Charolais x steers (2x 17mo, 2x 16mo)
  • 1 Aberdeen Angus x bull (17mo)



  • 130 round bales second-cut 2018 haylage - Gweek (SDP)
  • 150 round bales well-saved 2018 silage - St. Agnes (RJM)
  • 135 round bales June 2018 hay, never seen rain - near Truro (AEB) 
  • 150 round bales 2017 silage - between Redruth & Helston (TSR) 
  • 500 large square bales 2018 haylage - between Redruth & Helston (TSR)
  • 50 bales silage - Porthleven (ROC)



  • 12:24 Gascoigne direct line milking parlour, with 2 vacuum pumps in GWO (AEB) 
  • Fullwood Ration Master feeders (AEB) 
  • 1996 Fullwood 5000 litre Ice Bank with hot wash bulk milk tank (AEB) 
  • 2008 galvanised 1850 gallon slurry guzzler on balloon tyres (AEB) 
  • PTO driven slurry stirrer (AEB)
  • Hassia GLE 2 row potato planter (AEB)
  • Lister 20' rubber potato/beet/conventional bale elevator with hopper and petrol engine (AEB)
  • 2 grain bins, capacity approx. 150 tonnes wheat each - Buyer to dismantle and collect from Summercourt (ROC)

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