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Last Wednesday's Market - Weds 7th November - Prime to 218p/kg * Lambs to £97 & 195p/kg!!

38 Prime Cattle: UTM Steers to 191p/kg & £1,355 av. 171.26p/kg, Heifers to 218p/kg & £1,282 av. 172.57p/kg, OTM Steers to 154p/kg.

30 Cull Cows: Dairy to 98p/kg av. 62.80p/kg, Beef to 110p/kg av. 80.40p/kg, Cull Bulls to 88p/kg av. 82p/kg.

130 Store Cattle: Steers to £900, Heifers to £885.

66 Rearing Calves: Bulls £240, Heifers £128.

257 Finished & Store Sheep: Lambs to 195p/kg & £97 av. 168p/kg, Cull Ewes to £87.50, Store Lambs to £64. 

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Next "Orange" TB-Restricted Market for Prime Cattle & Cull Cows


Licences required by Tuesday 13th November - Entries and enquiries to Patrick Dennis 07889 600160 



Farm Assurance has become even more important with yet another of our main buyers only being able to purchase Farm Assured cull cows or bulls.

If you are not Farm Assured and wish to apply to become assured we can provide contact details.


Due to the increasing incidence of TB in the area we are holding Markets for TB restricted prime cattle, cull cows and store cattle.
We are only able to accept TB restricted stock that are from Holdings where TB testing has taken place within the last 90 days.
Buyers have confirmed that with the current shortage of cattle the Market will be well supported.
To ensure that buyers are able to make up good size loads of stock we appeal to producers who are under restriction due to TB to pre-enter stock for licensing which is a legal requirement.
Please contact the Auctioneers with regards to all Entries and any questions or queries.
Vendors and Purchasers must obtain a Licence from DEFRA at least 7 days prior to the Sale Day. 

Compliance Details



DEFRA have imposed new regulation on the movement of livestock with regard to TB testing with effect from 1st January 2013. These new regulations have created considerable confusion and we have attempted below to set out a clear summary of the new position: 

Cattle Moving From TB Free Herds 

  • From 1st January cattle moving from herds which are currently free of TB will continue to have 60 days in which to move following a clear annual or pre-movement test. 

Cattle Moving From TB Restricted Herds

  • From 1st January cattle moving to an "Orange" Market will only be permitted to be purchased by a slaughterhouse or the occupier of an AFU. Following a clear pre-movement TB test, cattle can be moved to such an "Orange" Market for up to 90 days (60 days increased to 90 days).
  • From 1st January cattle moved to any premises other than slaughter or AFU, from TB Restricted herds, will have to do so within 30 days of a clear TB test (60 days reduced to 30 days). 



Legislation came into force on 1st January 2010 requiring slaughterhouse operators to "receive, check and act upon" Food Chain Information (FCI) for all cattle and sheep sent for slaughter for human consumption. This is part of the "farm-to-fork" approach to food safety introduced by the Hygiene Regulations from the beginning of 2006. FCI has been progressively implemented over the ensuing years with poultry in 2006, pigs in 2008, calves in 2009 and now cattle and sheep in 2010.

From 1st January 2010 producers selling cattle and/or sheep for slaughter are required to sign a FCI Declaration. Meat from animals slaughtered without a FCI Form will not be approved for human consumption until the FCI for the animal is received by the slaughterhouse.

It is essential therefore that the FCI Declaration is received by the Auctioneers before the animals are presented for sale.

For Cattle Vendors the appropriate declaration will be incorporated in our normal Cattle Movement Form. These are available from the Auctioneers. All vendors entering cattle for sale through the slaughter ring after 1st January 2010 must sign this Movement Form which should accompany stock to the Market.

For Sheep Vendors the process will be straightforward because Defra is amending the Sheep Movement Form (AML1) to incorporate the appropriate FCI Declaration. Defra hopes to have these new Movement Forms available early in the new year and these will be available from the Auctioneers or from Trading Standards. If there is any delay in producing these replacement AML1 Movement Forms we will be printing our own FCI Declaration Forms as a temporary measure.

Once the replacement AML1 Movement Forms are available the existing Movement Forms should not be used after 1st January unless accompanied by our own yellow FCI Declaration Form.

After 1st January 2010 all sheep presented for sale in the slaughter section must be accompanied by an FCI Declaration.

Should producers wish to discuss these new regulations please speak to one of the Auctioneers.

Vendors and Purchasers must obtain a Licence from Defra at least 7 days prior to the sale day

Compliance details are displayed on our website or available from Defra. Further details from the Auctioneers. 

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